Monday, January 25, 2010

Soccer, Football, Hockey and everything in between.

Oh haiiii!

10 days ago, I was exploring the far ends of the city. Since then, I can say I am becoming more and more like a New Yorker, minus my Californian personality =). I finally got my New York Public library card, because yes I like to read, and yes I like gaining knowledge, and yes it is sexy to have a brain. Although, the last book I read was for a 6th grader. Haha. Since "The Lightning Thief" has been made into a movie, and the story's setting takes place RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW (empire state building), I felt the need to read it. I'm sad to say that this book will never reach the hype of Harry Potter, but I have been so enthralled by its adventures that I have decided to read the second book of the five-book series. The trailers look lame, but I'll probably still watch the movie. This book has also opened my interest into Greek mythology, as my name (full name) is from Greek mythology, and means "destroyer of man" or "she who entangles men". Bahaha! Thanks Mom!

Olympus is the "600th" floor of the Empire State Building... (This still is from the movie)

My fellowship ended last Friday, and I couldn't be more crestfallen. As I left, the students kept giving me hugs and pulling me back into the class whining, "Miss Cassandra, please visit us soon, okay? You promise?" and "Can I have your e-mail, facebook and phone number?". I was sent off with a little book they made for me, full of thanks, praise and hand-drawn pictures of them holding my hand. Too cute.

Friday night, I went to Hillary Flower's fashion show at Club Amnesia. As New York works, everything starts late. So the fashion show started at 1:30AM and only lasted like 10 minutes...but I made a new friend who is from Shanghai! She works in the fashion industry and plans to head back to SH when I'm there! New York is by far the best place to meet people. There are people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and nationalities.

Too much tequila that night...

Saturday was my first day playing soccer, EVER! I was really surprised how well I did, so were the people I played against. I was able to score during my first game too! Of course, I'm sore like none other and can still barely walk. I did not realize how different the hockey muscles and soccer muscles were. Now I know! I woke up early Sunday morning to go play soccer with another group and they too were really shocked that I'm a complete noob. I guess it helps that I have hockey experience. I played defense most of the time on Sunday and loved it! I had the same mentality as though I were playing hockey defense...Maybe the only problem was that I was running backwards, which doesn't work as well as skating backwards...

After the game, I met up with my cousin, Ryan, who just returned to Columbia for the second semester. We went to K-town to buy some korean food to make at my apt, garlic breath all the way. Afterward, I headed to the Upper East Side to meet another friend so that we could go to a bar to watch the Jets vs. Colts game. Just my luck, the Jets lost. :( I think I am a jinx to all New York teams...I'll explain later.

Today was my first day of the event planning internship. Man, do I love living 10 seconds away from work. Since I'm still umbrella-less, I got drenched from the pouring rain today, but at lunch I went home put some PJs on and popped my pants in the dryer for an hour. Then, headed back to work. I can't speak too soon, but I absolutely loved work today. Time flew by so fast, and it has such a relaxed atmosphere! I kept asking for work because I was working too fast, and my three new managers actually argued amongst themselves about who would get my time and effort the most, in front of me! It was hilarious. As weird as it sounds, I can't wait until it gets stressful! I love event planning and with this company I get to network with so many people! I will be meeting Microsoft's ad president, Stephen Kim, folks from Millward Brown, Facebook, Ogilvy & Mather, and international advertisers. I am so excited for the event, apparently I get a hotel room during the convention too! Yay!

Whats a better way to end a great day than to be invited by an old friend to the Rangers vs. Penguins game. FINALLY I got to see Crosby!! I don't care what you guys say or think. He is still sexy as long as I don't have to hear him whine. When he mm. Well that was my 2nd Rangers game, and they lost again. Sorry Jake, I guess I AM bad least to the Rangers, and every other NY team :P

Well. That's all for now. Gotta rest up for my second day of work =)
Don't really know what I'll be doing since two of my managers are going to Cali tomorrow, for a week... Sigh. I love my life.


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