Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Resolutions

It hasn't been long since I last posted, but I just realized that a lot has happened in the past few days. It was so great to have had friends over the first three days of moving in and tonight is my first night alone!

My first night in the city, I was lucky enough to be invited by Jake to the Rangers vs Flyers game with seats 3 rows from the ice. Unfortunately for the Rangers fans, they didn't do so hot that game: Flyers 6, Rangers 0.

For NYE, Margaret and Anika took a short train ride from the suburbs into the city and we met up to go down to East Village and spend our night barhopping. To our surprise, East Village bars were all half empty! The last bar we found, 15 minutes before "New Year", was packed and we rushed in. I was surprised to find that every bar had Chambord! :)

Grace finally made it into the city on New Year's day afternoon, and we found a cheap supermarket in K-town! Yay! Yesterday, we woke up pretty late (noon?) and went straight to Brick Lane Curry House (as seen on Man vs. Food!) for the spiciest curry in the country! I decided to take the "Phaal challenge" which comprised of finishing the entire bowl of time limit. Upon completion, rewards included a free pitcher of beer, which I swapped out for mango lassi, a certificate about my "dubious judgement" to take the challenge, and a photo on their website's Phaal of fame! I almost felt like dying after the first bite, but a challenge is a challenge and Grace helped quite a bit (shh!). This without a doubt gave us both upset stomachs and a run for Pepto was in order.

After being lazy for several HOURS, settling the pain and sear of the curry, we finally decided to go shopping at 9PM... for concert outfits! After spending 30 minutes and not finding anything, we got home, changed and then headed out to the Benny Benassi concert at the Pacha!

I vowed never to go through the Pacha general admission line ever again, after the David Guetta experience. So, Grace and I bought pre-paid tickets...and of course, we end up waiting in a line longer than general admissions. Pacha has horrible horrible? Let me explain to you. I get to the front of the building, stand in what was the pre-paid ticket line during the Guetta concert...make it into the building within 5 minutes get to the 2nd floor...THEN get turned around and told that I have to go all the way around to the back of the building in the advanced ticket line, where Grace and I waited for an hour in 8 degree weather plus windchill. First off, when did they ever have a back entrance. Second, I was already in the building, and bought my ticket why couldn't you just let me through the door and go DANCE!? Pacha, you suck. Until you better your line management, you're out of my partying schedule.

Benny was AWESOME! Even though the club was extremely packed and I probably stepped on a dozen toes and broke a few of them, oops. One thing I gotta say about clubs...Yes, there are cute guys there, but DON'T COME UP AND FEEL UP THE LADIES, IT'S DISGUSTING! No matter how good looking you are, you automatically will have creeper status in our book!
Anyway, I really enjoyed dancing the night away to Benassi's mixes, and would love to see him in concert again!

Grace and Maxx left this morning before I could figure out what was going on. Haha. My teaching fellowship (of 3 weeks) begins tomorrow. I was supposed to visit the school today to familiarize myself with direction but it was SO cold outside, I figure that I'll leave early tomorrow and wing it! I can't believe my life of independence and reality begins now...

Tomorrow, a bubble bath is most definitely in order!

New Year Resolutions: Kick the drinking. :)


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