Monday, February 8, 2010

Have you heard the news? Bad things come in twos.

Title: lyrics from "The Little Things" by Danny Elfman, from the movie Wanted.
Thought it embodied my adventures so far in NY. I have gone on adventures always with ONE other person. Me and Grace. Me and Kelley. Me and Annken... Who cares about having an entourage these days. It's all about the duos causing mayhem in Gotham.

I think that I should start writing more often, only because my memory has been slowly dissipating. No matter how hard I try to remember what happened last week...I can only remember from Thursday on. Perhaps it's because I didn't do anything last Tuesday or Wednesday...I can't recall any memories. So..let's start on Thursday.

Talking about work is no fun, so lets begin after work. I met up with Kelley and her friend Euginio for trivia night at Failte Irish Pub. The top three teams won prizes, and we were 4th place out of 12+ teams!! We messed up on the first round, and that hurt us significantly, but we caught up during the "half time" round of "capitals of Asian countries"! We ROCKED that round. Hm, I wonder why.

Friday night, I met up with one of the interns, Anneken, in Williamsburg. We roamed around Brooklyn with intentions of finding this wine bar, but ended up finding a hidden bar called The Woods and met some really chill people who bought us a round of drinks. I didn't get home until 4am, but that was with no help of the subway system. I waited 2o minutes for the L train then another 15 minutes for the 6 train.

However, I did get some cool photos of Brooklyn. Its mesh of cultures and art has provided many photographers, artists, and songwriters alike to inhabit this area. If I hadn't experienced someone creepily following my friend and I last month, I would probably visit Brooklyn a little more often.
I know I'll be back sometime this week for pho though!

I pretty much lounged around all of Saturday and met up with Kelley for dinner at Arriba Arriba (Mexican food) in Hell's Ktichen. It was tasty, but I definitely have had better Mexican food for MUCH cheaper. Oh how it is proven that price has NOTHING to do with the taste of a cuisine.
I vote for HOLE IN THE WALL restaurants! Oh 麻辣汤, how I miss you.

Some Chimichangas and Enchiladas accompanied with a glass of sangria.

Then...Superbowl Sunday!!

I woke up around 11, had a bowl of cereal and and relaxed until 1 when I met up with Annabelle, another intern, and her bf for brunch. I was introduced to another friend, who accompanied us for brunch. Sunday was dedicated to speaking french as Annabelle, her bf, and all their friends are French or French-Canadian. So, I guess I really can't escape the language. Mais, c'est pas mal. We found a really cheap bistro, with amazing food! Bistango is a place I will definitely hit up more often. Afterward, we crossed the street to Tonic East (3:30pm) and waited until the game (6:30pm). Yes, we spent a day in a bar because the waitresses and managers were being anal about tables when the place wasn't even as packed as they made it out to be.

I was so stuffed after the game since I had ingested a salad, sandwich, nachos, calamari, chicken wings, and fries throughout the day. On top of that included a mini keg of beer, mimosas and some weird shots. Talk about bloated.

That's it for the fun weekend. I'm excited for the 3-day weekend coming up.
We got Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year on Sunday.
Then, President's Day on Monday = no work!
Finally, MARDI GRAS on Tuesday! There's work, but whatever. Partying and gluttony occurs at night anyway.

Today, I got to go to the Marriott Marquis to discuss the logistics of our Convention + Expo. I continue to love my job! However, the question keeps coming up...what am I going to do after I get back from China? I have been researching jobs at our client companies, and I just don't understand what these positions call for! Meh, nothing to stress about just yet.

Before I complete this post, I have to let you know how ECSTATIC I am about my next internship. I was forwarded some pictures of the student ambassador's living situation.

Of course, I should lower my expectations, as these ARE CGI photos. I'll let you know what they're like when I get there though!

Upcoming this week:
Another fashion show on Wednesday at HK club.
Rock trivia on Thursday.
Valentine's cruise sans la valentine. Haha.
Valentine's day and The Lightning Thief movie. :)


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