Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's all about who you know.

I'm just sitting on my nice leather lime green chair here at work. 1:25 pm, raining outside: just pure ugly weather. I got to work late after the other interns decided to call me at 10:30 am, thank goodness for the other amazing interns. I don't even think anyone noticed I was late except for the interns who had texted me "where are you, we miss you at our table of awesomeness." This only makes me smile inside, knowing that I have such great friends as co-workers.

Since I have gotten here this morning, I haven't really accomplished too much. However, I did call the California DMV right when it opened. I know you wanna hear my DMV story. Everyone loves a good story about having to call the DMV. Well, if I can't reiterate this enough. The Museum of Modern Art, aka MoMA gave my drivers/motorcycle license to another asian woman, about a month ago... The woman later returned it and MoMA decided to snail mail my license to an address I left for them. It has been over 3 weeks since they supposedly mailed it, but no sign of it anywhere. I have been in e-mail correspondence with the manager on several occasions, and all she does is come up with excuses as to why I have not received it, "oh I might have forgotten to write your apartment number", "oh, it was delayed being mailed out of the mail room"...

ONE: It doesn't matter if there is no apartment number, I have four doormen who know me, and have been anticipating this letter, so it would have been recieved and TWO: since the supposed shipment, I have received expected letters from across the country in less than 3 days. SO DON'T BULLSHIT ME, WOMAN!

Due to their lack in judgment (for giving my ID to a 36 year old woman), it will cost me $50 to replace my California license because it has a motorcycle and drivers class on it, each $25. PLUS, I have to get a NEW YORK ID card because California does not let you duplicate license cards without being their in person. I am turning my passport in to the Chinese consulate for my visa, and won't have it until June..therefore I wouldn't even be able to fly home to get another license because I WON'T HAVE ANY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION. See how one person's stereotypes can cause huge problems?!? Ugh. Was Tim Burton worth it? No. Sorry Mr. Burton.

A week ago, one of my managers took me to Vera Wang's show at Fashion Week. We peaced out around 10:30 am and headed to the 11am show at bryant park. No, we did not have tickets, but we knew security. Teehee. It's wonderful working in this industry where you have to know people in all industries and professions. They put us in a separate line and let us in sans tickets. Of course we had to wait to fill in seats, but my manager and I snatched up 2 seats in the 3rd row! While I did not see any glorified super models. I did see Joe Zee(Elle), Nina Garcia(Marie Claire), and Anna Wintour without her sunglasses! (Vogue): all editors of fashion magazines, for those of you who did not know and Miss J. Alexander, runway coach and judge for america's next top model. Of course the event started fashionably late, but was fun! Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting behind Nina Garcia at Fashion Week. Just gotta know people!

The rest of the workweek was pretty repetitive. Lounging in my lime green leather chair inputing invoices and contacting our VIPs. I had a few minor communication difficulties with my roommate on thursday and friday, but we hugged it out over the weekend.

Friday after work I went to get an hour massage, which was much needed! I don't mind spending a dollar a minute if someone is cracking all my knots out. While it sounded disgusting and I was giggling for most of the time, my back feels so much better. The masseur had to use her elbow most of the time, as most of my problem areas are very deep in my muscle tissue. I may have to make this a bi-weekly trip. So much for saving money. I decided to stay in as I was already so relaxed from my massage.

Saturday, Kelley and I got free facials at Origins, which was nice and temporarily relaxing event, until we decided to explore East Village. I love the small shops and fun restaurants in E.Village. Most of the speakeasies are located there. We were going to look at PDT (Please don't tell) and upon our escapade, we discovered "Tuck Shop", an australian eatery with Meat pies and vanilla slices. It was definitely a delicious meal before a night of dancing. Later that night, we went to a friend of a friend's cousin's birthday party (x-degrees of separation?) at Hotel Rivington, and of course ended the night with some pizza.

On Sunday, I headed back down to Chinatown with Annabelle and Yaniv to try and see the Chinese New Year parade. Of course I choose the busiest intersection of Mott & Canal, but I slipped into my favorite bakery, Taipan, which is elevated a few feet above street level, and I can see PERFECTLY! Oh, what an ingenious idea. Sipping on bubble tea, snacking on egg tarts and pork buns.

That night, I enjoyed the USA vs Canada hockey teams battle it out in the Olympics. While I did not really root for a team, I outwardly rooted for USA, and inwardly rooted for Canada. There are 4 Sharks players on team canada, of course I'd root for them inside.

Yesterday, Monday, the most exciting thing that happened was having lunch with my manager's MOM! Haha yes, her mother. I found out that my manager's mom is the VP of Corporate Travel at BlackRock, a company that flat out rejected me two years ago for an internship position. I took the train over with my manager and we discussed what corporate travel and global affairs at BlackRock is all about. It sounds really awesome, negotiating with large airline companies for cheap business class tickets. Sounds like my kind of thing AND she's looking for an intern :) Mayyybeeeee its me! We'll see. If I do get a job at blackrock, it'll be because of her. C'mon it's who you know.

Today...aside from waking up late...MY MANAGER GOT ME A BRAND NEW PAIR OF BURBERRY SUNGLASSES! CASE, CLOTH AND ALL! Of course she got them from an inside contact with Luxottica (company presiding over Chanel,Burberry, Prada...)..

Which goes to prove, it's no longer about what you do,
but who you know.
If not that, it's if you're willing to ask.



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