Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rockin' the Times Square Suite.

Due for an update.
Sad thing is I've gotten pretty lazy. I've had the craziest weekend, and its not in the party sense (unfortunately).

I just got a manicure, so I will stick with my "brief" style of blogging.

+Didn't go to my own Benny Benassi birthday bash because Joe, Annabelle, and I stayed at work until 8 pm getting ready for the conference.
+Headed to Annabelle's place on the UES and her bf made dinner and we popped open two bottles of wine.

+It was so nice outside that I was able to wear my summer dress.
+Picked up my business cards at Kinko's after waiting in line for 15 minutes...I was the second in line.
+Met up with Kelly to go to work, yes I worked on Saturday. Ugh. Thank goodness we finished up everything in less than 2 hours.
+Kelly, Fara, and I had dinner at the Crooked Knife on my street. AMAZING FOOD! I was really impressed with their linguini and clams. I will definitely go back.
+Headed to Times Square to move into our hotel suite in the Marriott Marquis. Kelly invited me to stay in her suite on the 43rd floor, looking out over Times Square. To top it off, we had a complimentary bottle of Grey Goose!!
+Fell asleep to Sigourney Weaver on SNL.

+Woke up at 9 am to start unpacking boxes for the conference. There must have been over 50 boxes full of books/papers/registration. Kelly, Zena, Simone, and I sorted and moved everything within 2-3 hours. I was so impressed that we didn't have help.
+LOVE THE OTHER INTERNS. We stuffed 2000+ goody bags in a few hours. We're amazing, what can I say. Of course towards the end we had help, but we needed it.
+The expo set up was pretty intense too, all the ARF colors of black, white and teal.

Entrance to the EXPO

Reg. Oh joy.

+Attended the network reception hosted by comScore and met a lot of great people from all different advertising firms. Didn't hurt to have free champagne either.
+ Had dinner with Kelly, Fara, and Simone. Haha. Of course this included 4 molten chocolate cakes with vanilla ice cream. Great way to end day one.

+Yay, woke up at 7am to start the real day one of the conference. Just ran errands and did anything Kelly needed me to do.
+Went shopping to find a new dress for the Ogilvy Awards, since apparently mine was way too short.
+President's reception sponsored by MillwardBrown and ESPN on the 8th floor atrium overlooking Times Square
+Thank goodness Kathryn made me work the door because I ran into a really attractive guy, and I mean really. So long ex-lover boy. I gotta get over this one too though.
+Open bar, free sushi, cute I even introduced myself to him. ESPN cocktails were serious liquid courage..
+Since Kelly ditched me and the rest of the interns, except Joe, had to go home, Joe and I contemplated where to eat. We were directed to Juniors across the street. CHEESECAKE! While we planned on getting food to go, guess who was there?? Uh yes, the really cute guy. Not only that, he was sitting with an ARF co-worker who invited us to come sit with them...So guess who I sat next to...yes. YES! 
+Well, heres the complicated part, my manager knows this guy...yeah. So when she texted me where I was, I told her I was sitting next to him so she hurried over with Simone and she sat in-between! -__-;; Oh well. I was too shy to say anything anyway and I got to enjoy some red velvet cake with Simone.

+OMG. 6am wakeup call. This was the longest day of my life.
+As the events intern I did not have as many posts and door duty as others since I had to follow Kelly around, but she disappeared throughout the day so I visited the EXPO often ;)  Sadly, it closed at 4.
+Got changed with Annabelle and Anneken for the awards dinner. Wore my new royal blue Calvin Klein dress and had help with my hair, assistance = bump it.

The interns!

Cigar girl, to go with the attempted 60's theme.

+Didn't really get to enjoy the cocktail reception or awards dinner as I was running around the entire time! I had to assist the presenter's with the trophies, and practically missed dinner. On an even worse note, eye candy was def not there. Had people screaming at me left and right, just didn't enjoy the night as much as I expected to.
+ However, I was on stage with Daniel Merriweather. I don't find him attractive at all, but I do like his music.

Blurry photo of the set-up. Was unimpressed with the "60's" attempt, but it was still beautiful.

+Ended up really getting to know a co-worker and finding out we have a lot more in common than realized, which made me really happy. We enjoyed cocktails overlooking times square with a few other people.

+LAST DAY! Still had to get up at 7.
+Highlight of the day = Great Mind Awards, better lunch than usual.
+ended the day at 5!! and was home by 5:30! I pretty much vegetated the rest of the evening. I was pissed though...all of my recorded shows were deleted. Hmph. There's always the internet.

+My managers took the day off so I didn't really have much to do, which is funny because I did most of the running in high-heels. They can be mentally drained, but I'm both! Interns- they better love us.
+Just got a mani-pedi and was pretty dissapointed. People always say "you get what you pay for". In this case it was far from the truth. I can't wait to go back to California in June and get my real mani-pedi for $12 and have it look amazing.

+I'm taking a half-day so that I can head to Washington DC!
+Couch surfing with a 25 year old asian girl who loves hello kitty and Matt Damon. She worked in the Bay Area too...I think I'm about to meet my Doppelganger.


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