Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jude Law.

Somewhat too tired to post.

My week in short:

Decided to apply for a Fulbright. Me = crazy? Yes.

Two couch surfers (CSers) from DC came to surf my couch, in my case, air mattress.
Both really cool, going to couch surf at their apartment in DC, March 26 - 28. Bolt bus!
Night didn't go as planned = art show had a line around the corner.
Ended up at Woorijip! Yay for k-town.

Pouring Rain + no umbrella + no waterproof jacket = me, dumb!
Dim Sum with Smithies and CSers in Chinatown.
Bubble tea soon followed at Ten Ren.
Genevieve showed up, since Smith is on spring break.
CSers and I took the subway to Union Square for free manicures + free bottle of "essie" nail polish.
Kirstie Alley's "Big Life" promotion. Nail polish color = "life. lick it" (PulseJFK alert!)
Ran through the rain back home, CSers went to buy broadway tickets from TKTS.

SAW JUDE LAW + Pearl Jam! My CEO got me SNL tickets for my birthday.
Anneken, the intern that was supposed to accompany me, never showed (MTA sucks, flooded!).
Lesson learned = SNL dress rehearsal is much better than what is shown on TV + take a cab.

CSers left early morning.
Still raining. Did nothing except watch movies and vegetate.
The Pacific premiered on HBO. No Dick Winters, but still enjoyed it!

This week:
Starting to feel stressed.
My company's convention, expo, david ogilvy awards, great mind coming up on Sunday.
Just started a 100 hour TEFL certification course today (1/20th done already!)
Fulbright application.
Skipped St. Patty's day due to the amount of work I must accomplish.
Trying to stop drinking.
Trying to work out.
Emphasized word: trying.

Until next...thursday, maybe?
There you have it. My week in short.

March 19: Benny Benassi
March 20-24: ARF Annual Convention + Expo, living at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square
March 26-28: DC


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