Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Victoria's Secret Angels & a Sexy Con Man

This past weekend was pretty eventful, but I can't help but complain about the weather. I grew up spoiled with the California sun! I was pretty lucky on Saturday though. It was mid 60's, perfect blazer weather. I woke up "early" for a Saturday and headed down to Soho, to have the chance of meeting 3 victoria secret angels, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, and Candice Swanepoel (PulseJFK). I never imagined meeting any of them, but of course as I always insist people need more of, PATIENCE! I waited around and stood by them while they took pictures for the press. Before signing autographs, they took a quick break when I was able to meet Alessandra. While they did not let us take photos with them (ugh) I was able to compliment her on her beauty! She replied with how beautiful my make up was. These three models were extremely sweet, not the cattiness people usually expect of models. Perhaps for this reason, they are the promotion models!

Since I had to buy a strapless bra, I was able to get in line for their autographs! I met a really cool guy in line who had purchased something just to stand in line. We were both freaking out about meeting them (well, again for me). After about 45 minutes of standing out in the sun, we finally made it to the inside line. They had requested that people not take pictures for copyright purposes, but I managed to sneak a photo. You know me! Never obeying the silly little rules. There were staff handing out sticky notes with our names on it, so that the models would know what name to write on their photo. It was an interesting set up because they were on a platform behind a table decorated with flowers, and you stand by yourself in front of them. They look at you, and sign, look at you, and compliment. It was frightening to be in front of these 3 gorgeous women! However, I enjoyed it - probably never going to happen again!

Alessandra, Miranda, and Candice.

After leaving the VS store, I headed down to lunch in Chinatown. Had some vietnamese food and a yummy avocado shake.  On a full stomach, I headed to City Hall, where I heard White Collar was filming.  I started watching White Collar in California, and never imagined watching Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey) filming for it! I walked around in circles trying to find the set, but only saw their trailers. Out of no where, I see film crew leaving the site, and I thought I lost my chance. Little did I know Matt Bomer was standing right behind me! I turned around and smiled really big as I walked over to him. He shook my hand and introduced himself. I asked to take a photo with him and Tim Dekay (Peter). They were all so nice and thanked me for my support! 

Tim Dekay and Matt Bomer

As I was walking back, confused where the subway was, I bumped into Matt again! Of course super embarrassed, I didn't say anything and I ran in a random direction. I went home elated though!

That night I met up with Eric Kiang, my lil bro from China! Well not really, but I hadn't seen him since last summer when he came to California! His friends visited my apartment, then we headed out to Rattle N Hum, a cool bar/brewery near my apartment. The night was kind of random after that...

Sunday = bad weather = uneventful.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I heard that White Collar would be filming near my I decided to bring Joe, who is an even bigger fan of the show with me. We were SO lucky we bumped into him because we literally got to his trailer 30 seconds before he got there...the rain made us run so FATE brought us together. HAHA! Matt took one look at me and was like "Hey, I know you!!" I replied, "UH OMG YOU REMEMBER!?" Took a new photo under his clear umbrella and got to ask him a few questions. Joe was shaking afterward, as little as he wants to admit it. 

Matt saved me from the rain!

After work I tried to find the set of "Something Borrowed" while waiting to get my Macbook powercord fixed. Unfortunately, I neither fixed my powercord, nor saw any celebs, but I did find the set and the trailers. Better luck next time! The set is actually moving up towards my workplace, so hopefully I can see something on Friday, or over the weekend. Hopefully, Kate Hudson! 

Headed to "The Restaurant" set tomorrow for the Food Network with Annabelle and Yaniv. I hope it doesn't fall through this time!!

Til next time!


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