Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food Network Taste Tests & Carmen Electra Shaves Chests

Food Network Taste Tests:
On Thursday, Annabelle, Yaniv, and I finally made it to the filming of Food Networks new TV show "24 Hour Restaurant Battle".  However, I signed a confidentiality contract so I cannot say much more than this... The show is a lot like the restaurant challenge on Top Chef. There are 4 judges, two restaurants, and 24 hours.  The winner of the challenge gets $10,000 to start their own restaurant.  We got to taste the food, and to our surprise, were extremely displeased. Hopefully they will use our critiques on the show, because I can't say much more than that. Catch the show in July!

We snuck in some photos...As always.

The judges table.

Annabelle and I, plus a girl we met at the filming in restaurant number 2 -  "Alive".

Carmen Electra Shaves Chests:
On Friday, Joe and I were notified by that Carmen Electra was only going to be a few blocks away from work to promote "Reforesting the World" by "Deforesting Yourself".  It was advertised that she would be shaving the chests of a few lucky men in the audience.  Of course Joe was on board so we hopped over to Madison Square Park at noon and waited a pretty long time for her to show up. She got on stage and introduced the organization then began to choose men from the audience. I was hopping up and down for Joe to get picked and he was one of the last to get up on stage! You better thank me one day Joe... you stood there idly. The funny part was he got booed once he was up there because he did not have a hairy chest like some of the other guys up there!

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words:

Carmen and Joe posing for press photos.

Joe, I bet you were shaking just like when we met Matt Bomer.

The same security that stopped me from taking photos with Rob Pattinson were Carmen's this was the closest picture I took. Still pretty close!

I didn't do much this weekend except reminisce about my childhood by watching 80 episodes of Sailor Moon. Yes, 80 episodes. I think while traveling back to yesteryear I gained a few years staying up late watching the damned show.

Sharks have been DOMINATING conference semifinals, winning 3 out of 3 games so far, only needing one more win to push them to conference finals. Funnily, each games' score has resulted with 4 - 3. Is this some weird sign? If so, what does it mean? We can only tell if the winning game's score is 4-3...

Sharks have been eating wings for dinner!

Anyhow, happy cinco de mayo everyone! 
Some of last year's Cinco de Mayo festivities: 
At Bulldog Shanghai

Til next time, New York! 


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