Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex & the City 2 World Premiere. Yeah, I was there.

I am back in my hometown of Palo Alto, California and I have probably heard "Empire State of Mind" on the radio about 5 times since I have gotten back.  I do miss the city, but I am trying to soak up the sun here in Cali! What's funny is that even through New York's crazy heat and freezing chills, California is going through some really strange weather patterns as well.  It's almost June...and it's RAINING?! Something is definitely wrong now! It should have stopped raining in April! Anyhow, I'm back for my brother's middle school graduation - how cute! I still remember my 8th grade graduation. What a long time ago!

This past week has flown by so fast.  Last Friday I went to Empire Hotel Rooftop for a Sex and the City 2 Movie release party and invited Annabelle and Kelley.  There, I met the Warner Brother's promoter- Michelle and Bonds Entertainment CEO - Billy.  I went there for one reason, and one reason only: to get Sex and the City 2 World Premiere tickets, and this I did. People have asked me how in the world I got SATC2 world premiere tickets, and I have to say - be daring, dashing, and bold.

The rooftop of Empire Hotel.

I had a little inside information that they were giving a few screening passes out at the party...little did I know, only 7 people got tickets, we were 3 of them. I asked the concierge where the SATC2 cocktail reception was, and they guided me to the outdoor patio where Michelle (Warner Bros. promoter) was sitting with her friends and I introduced myself and began small talk - schmoozing, as they say.  She later introduced me to all of her friends and Billy Bonds - the guy with the tickets :) He was awesome and said "I know what you're here for." I played dumb and said, "Carrie Bradshaw t-shirts?" He laughed and passed me and my friends screening passes - which were later exchanged into hard tickets. He also passed out a few promotional items such as compact mirros, emory boards, martini glasses, and "Get Carried Away...Again" tshirts.  To say the very least, it was an amazing night.

With our screening passes.

Martini Glasses and SATC2 red bull?

Some more promo items.

Early Monday morning, I had to go transfer my screening pass into a hard ticket at Ziegfeld theater. I think it was just bad luck that I got a 3rd Mezzaine level ticket - aka FAR AWAY from the celebs...while my 2 friends got Orchestra tickets - aka sitting next to celebs. Anyhow I was sneaky and made my way down to the Orchetra level later - unfortuantely, after all the celebs had already been seated. Annabelle and I left work early to get changed and headed over to Radio City Music Hall where the premiere was being held.  Of course they put ticket holders on the OPPOSITE side of the building as the "purple" carpet. But we could watch it live inside.

Radio City Music Hall.

My hard ticket.

Gilles Marini - Samantha Jones' sexy neighbor in the first flick.

Inside the lobby of Radio City Music Hall.

Free drinks and popcorn!

Our free popcorn :) 

Michelle Trachtenberg - aka Georgina on Gossip Girl.

The Ladies of SATC on stage before the movie.

There were SO many celebs inside I almost fainted, nah but I sure was shaking when I finally talked with Alessandra Ambrosio! For the first time I was too intimidated to go up to each one I saw, but I sure did have a good night.  My opinion of the movie - funnier than the first, no as serious, I could sit through it and I loved watching Liza Minnelli dancing to Single Ladies.

Anyhow - life is a lot less eventful here in Cali, but I did make a day trip to Monterey yesterday to check out my grad school .  I think it is decided. I am going to grad school and am not graduating until 2014. Joy!

See you in a week, Empire State.


Anonymous said...

awww you got mezzanine level, what rotten luck! but at least you got to see some celebrities, and you were nervous?! still, lucky lucky lucky! if you had seen my future husband cristiano ronaldo there i'd have died of jealousy!

~ Brittany

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