Wednesday, June 23, 2010


If you're a friend of mine on Facebook, you'd know that I was contemplating getting an iPad. After thinking for a month, visiting the apple store plenty of times, and researching online I knew I wanted one. I was especially thinking about my backpacking trip in Asia. At 1.5 pounds I knew that the ipad was perfect for backpacking. I would have a bunch of books, a way to upload my photos and post on my blog!! However, my parents told me that it was too dangerous to bring abroad. With that in mind I decided to wait on my purchase.

These past two days, I was working at our conference in Times Square where I was even more tempted to buy an ipad because one was being raffled off but I was not eligible to win! I even talked with my coworkers about buying one and they kept egging me on to get one. Funnily enough a lot of my friends on Facebook said not to get one. My cousin even said "you'll just have to return it later". Little did i know that after work today when i visited that same cousin 2 blocks away at work that he would approach me with a big brown box. I was confused at first, then he said it was my grad present. I didn't want to guess that it was an ipad because Annabelle and i had too high of expectations for our intern farewell presents (praying to get iPads). I opened the box slowly and voilĂ . My prayers were answered. I almost cried. My cousin got plenty of pictures of my excitement.


Just got the brown box from Ryan.

Opening the brown box, expecting shoes...

AHHHH! It's an iPad! 

You tricked me, Ryan!


Posted from my iPad!


Jake Aufderheide said...

I thought about one of these as well. Opted for a netbook! All the lightweight convenience of the pad, for about a third of the price! Not quite as cool but, ya know, it works for what we'd use it for!

Cassie Chaos said...

Don't know what 1/3 of $0 is. Hehe.

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