Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Concrete Jungle

I have two days left in college, and you should see the apartment...It looks as though a bomb went off in here. My clothes and shoes are EVERYWHERE! I have taken a break from packing since I have not finished my final paper yet...I am one page away, although my thoughts are so scattered in this paper I might as well turn it in as is. Done is better than good, right? :) At this point, it seems to be the case...
*NEWS FLASH* I received an acceptance letter to be an ambassador at the Shanghai World Expo for the USA Pavilion next summer! I can't believe I got it. I was screaming at the top of my lungs when I opened the e-mail that my roommates thought I was dying, or just clinically insane. Either or. dream to go back to Shanghai has been fulfilled. They are paying for airfare, housing, and food! I'm SO stoked to go back to China...considering that someone stole my fake fur jacket that I spent hours bargaining for...


Apparently, I have pushed my date of visiting New York back to Friday. I don't even think that is enough time for me to get my paper and all my packing done. I am a huge stress case right now and cannot stop obsessing over apartment searching. I have a list of 6 apartments I have to visit this weekend, and since the previous apartments have not worked out, I have a new list of "obsessions".

This is my top choice:
30th Street between Park Ave and Madison Ave. (hopstop says that it is 0 minutes from work!)
+Fully furnished- new HDTV, and a tv on the fridge...
+Utilities included
+View of empire state building RIGHT outside of my 7 windows.
+My OWN bathroom

Of course pictures are included... Who do you think I am?

View from bedroom window...


Living room.

My own bathroom w/bathtub.

Ok that's enough. I don't even want to look elsewhere. This place is fantabulous and I can't imagine living in another apartment.

However, I do have other options, all in the financial district:
200 Rector Place
100 John Street
2 Gold Street
200 Water Street

Why's it that all the lux buildings are in FiDi? Weird.

This city, the concrete jungle as they say, is going to take my money like no other...
Anyway, back to either a)writing my last page of my last assignment/paper ever, b) watching season 3 of mad men, c) packing (Yeah, right), d)continue apartment huting (it's an obsession I tell you), e) there is no e.


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