Sunday, December 20, 2009

Empire State of Mind (I had to!)

Dear all,

If I wasn't already walking on air. I sure as hell am flying now. After 6 apartment visits this weekend, through the blizzard, I have made my decision! I am in LOVE! I have chosen the room listed in the post below. Yes, the one with the unobstructed view of the Empire State building, FROM MY ROOM.

More features I saw when I visited:
+ My own bathroom with a jacuzzi bathtub that changes colors...haha, mood lighting if I may.
+ two balconies, one of which is right outside of my room.
+ on the 12th floor
+ big flat screen HDTV in the beautiful living room
+ room is furnished, with 2 CLOSETS and a QUEEN SIZE BED!
+ free gym
+ doorman
+ video surveillance from inside the front door
+ full size kitchen and eating area
+ 30 second walk from work, maybe even 15 seconds if I walk fast!

I love my future roommate too (from Cali) and his cat named Cat. AND, Cat knows how to use the toilet. HA!

I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE IN! Time to negotiate rent. :) Wish me luck!

My cousin and I right after the blizzard...getting ice cream from the grocery store at 1 AM. He was wearing his Rainbow sandals, as always... and could have gotten frostbite. I wasn't much wiser wearing my ugg slippers with no socks... haha. Hardcore cheesin.

Columbia has primal scream too. Smith ain't so special anymore. Apparently Harvard does too. ......Well, none of them are ONLY screaming women. :) bahah TOP THAT.

I probably won't post again until the day I move in. But, don't count on it, I'm vain and like to talk about myself :)


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