Monday, December 7, 2009

It's a small world, afterall.

Since I last wrote 4 days (OMG!) ago, plans have already changed. Well, I still have 8 days left in college...that won't change. But I am pretty much done with my Computer Science final, since the professor is accepting the Smith Ice Hockey website as my final, and I have finished my 10-page paper, which was changed into a 6-8 page paper, so ... I have finished my 8-page paper. All I have left...10 minute presentation on Peru's economics this Thursday and 7 more pages of my 20 page paper. The hardest task is left for last, packing. I will attempt to pack 3-50 gallon tubs worth of stuff into 1 50-gallon tub, 2 normal size boxes, and 2 suitcases plus my hockey gear. Thank goodness for the lovely ladies at Smith who offered to drive my stuff in their cars to the City during break. Thank you!!

Anyhow, I just received a phone call today from the roommate in the Hell's Kitchen apartment stating that his roommate does not want to share the apartment with a female :( While I have to make an effort to call his roommate, they have already posted an ad on craigslist with the new terms "searching for a male roommate". Gosh, who DOESN'T want to room with me? :P

Because of this, I have frantically searched Craigslist and found several other wonderful apartments, with even BIGGER rooms, and partially furnished! When one door closes, others open!
Let's check them out...

Midtown West: 44th & 10th $1125/month (not enough info yet)

Pros: I'll learn Italian from the Italian roommate...and its cheap
Cons: the tenant lives right above and not enough information currently

*******Murray Hill: 34th & (3rd?): $1550/month*******

- I want this room. period.

- HUGE 13' X 17'

- REALLY close to work, 4 blocks away.

- four AWESOME roommates, one just came back from China, another IS Chinese and all like to socialize/party, definitely allows guests (plus points!)
- private bathroom

- This is how the roommate described the immense size of the apartment in her email : "
The room is a 1 bedroom within a 5 bedroom apartment. We joke that it's in the "West Wing" of the apartment because the place is so big that honestly you'd never know there were 5 bedrooms. I know that sounds crazy, but honestly, I'll go a week without seeing some of the roommates, so we're not on top of each other at all. "
- They will leave me some furniture.

-2nd floor. (i'm picky. I want above 15th floor!)
-other than that none really.
Photos of the bedroom: It's INSANELY LARGE!

Photo of the Living room:


Chelsea: 29th & 8th:$1300/month

- Also, really AWESOME roommates, a mid-20s couple both work in media. One works in casting for MTV the other works in casting for the Food Network!!!!!
- from california (bonus points!) , bay area (extra bonus points)
- we have a mutual friend, already (my Park House HP went to school with one of them)-- what a small world.
- pretty close to work, a few avenues over.
- furnished bedroom (plus plus plus)
- XBOX 360 & 46" FLATSCREEN! with rockband.
- extensive dvd collection
- allows overnight guests and even has a pullout couch for guests.

not sure if I like a green wall in my room (yes, as I said, I'm picky)
- nothing else really. I guess it depends if my room is next to theirs...can't have a dance party in my room, even if its only myself.
Photos of bedroom and kitchen:

I have a few others I'll check out, but they're backup backup plans :)

So it is true...when one door closes, others open! Bahaha. no need to fret!
Back to finals stuff...well first, Gossip Girl actually.


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